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This is not a Love Song


Bede House

12 Bede House, Clare Road, SE14 6PW, UK


Friday 6-9pm, Saturday & Sunday, 12-6pm

This is not a Love Song brings together the work of London-based artist, Stephanie Busson and Nice-based artist, Frédéric Nakache. For their first collaboration, Busson and Nakache have taken each other’s works as starting points to create new pieces using photography, video and sculpture. The exhibition will be an opportunity for the artists to continue to develop their practice while exploring new territories taking inspiration from glam metal, lucha libre, popular culture, music and history of art, amongst other things.

The Art Licks weekend will also be an occasion for the artists to pursue their collaboration and they will set up a temporary studio in the space to develop future presentations of the project.

Bede House is an occasional exhibition space operating on the periphery of the London art scene. Both artists are also developing their practices on the margin of the art world. The project will explore collaborative work as a way for contemporary artists to support each other, to share resources, to build up cross-boundaries networks and ultimately to expand the field of their own practice in the process.

Stephanie Busson – Born in 1973 in Nice, Lives and works in London. Her work explores the ideas of territory, geographic mobility and cultural identity using video, drawings, photography, installations and performance. Each project is also an opportunity to investigate different forms of artistic collaboration.

Frédéric Nakache – Born in 1972 in Rouen. Lives and works in Nice. Working with photography, video and sculpture, Nakache combines elements of the material world, personal history and references to art history to create a body of work that explores the themes of time, memory and mortality.


Stephanie Busson, Frédéric Nakache

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Bede House

12 Bede House, Clare Road, SE14 6PW, UK