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Installation shot detail of 'Meantime', a performative installation by Adam Hines-Green, JJ Lincoln


Lincoln Projects

Maygrove Road, London NW6 2EE, UK


Thursday 4 October, 6–9pm, Friday 5 October, Saturday 6 October & Sunday 7 October, 12–6pm

In this site-specific, performative installation, Hines-Green and Lincoln consider their role as artists from within the psychological and physical peripheries that they operate from. Using the unconventional conditions of their work environment as a way to mirror socio-political ambiguities, the artists provide insight into artistic survival that treats maker and subject matter as a united whole.

In real estate, the term for the use of temporary space is ‘meantime’. Meantime space is a fast-growing sector of the real estate industry that has occurred as a result of the crisis-hit high street. JJ Lincoln has inhabited a section of the Kilburn railway arches under these ‘meantime’ premises, inviting Adam Hines Green to work with him for the duration of an 18-month lease.

The aim of ‘Meantime’ is to focus on the instinctive need to survive as an artist within the demanding peripheries of the London art world, notwithstanding the effects of increased economic pressure and the decline in available space. The ability to adapt and respond to these limitations, embracing an element of care within one’s practice, is what drives the central thought behind this project.

Has artistic practice formed into a continuous attempt for financial survival? Where does art-making stop and labour begin? Can artistic uniqueness be mirrored by the everyday activities of living? Or should practice, work, and private life be separated? Is the urge to find appropriate space for one’s practice an art form in itself?

Hines-Green and Lincoln create responses in forms of dialogues to these questions within a space that has been re-utilised to fit their needs. Their backgrounds in medicine and real estate are utilised as possible mechanisms to trigger artistic production that is timely and encompassing of both artistic and basic human needs.


Adam Hines-Green, JJ Lincoln


Vlada Maria Tcharyeva

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Lincoln Projects

Maygrove Road, London NW6 2EE, UK