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Georgia Stephenson


Alexandra Estate

Alexandra Road, London, UK


Friday 5 October, 1pm–2pm

For Art Licks Weekend, independent curator Georgia Stephenson and a series of London based artists present a traveling exhibit whereby video works and corresponding sculptural and/or performative pieces will be projected and placed from the boot of a 2000 plate VW polo. The works in transit will be exhibited at a range of unique London locations for a limited viewing duration.

Thursday 4th October
7-8pm at Juno Café, Surrey Canal Road, SE14 5RW
with ‘The Runner’ by Joe Moss (
and ‘Blowie’ by Jack Evans (

In his latest film Moss uses the aspirational setting of the gym to explore the relationship between the appearance of success and what happens behind the scenes. The work acknowledges the body as a key signifier of power, and plays with the awkward, fumbling neurosis involved in the process of ascertaining an idealised body. It uses techniques of excessive characterisation as an approach to both analysing and critiquing the structural conditions of success (as power), attempting to challenge the authority of the body and voice and show their impotence in presenting a whole identity. Coupled with a bespoke sculptural work by Jack Evans, ‘Blowie’; an inflated air dancer similar to those which are commonly seen near out of town car dealerships, America, or anywhere wanting to promote a ‘fun and friendly’ atmosphere. Instead of bearing a standard ad slogan and grinning face, ‘Blowie’ is a flailing, psychotically animated corinthian column. Evans’s work is interested in ideas of aspiration and masculinity, drawing motifs from the aesthetic ideas of ‘luxury’, and the people (men) who reinforce it.

Friday 5th October
1-2pm at Lower ground, Alexandra Estate, Rowley Way, NW8 0SF
with ‘Deep Breath’ by Megan Visser (
and ‘How are you feeling?’ by Rebecca Thomson (

‘Deep Breath’ is a video work by Megan Visser depicting various reoccurring motifs that seek to explore acts of self help and DIY relaxation techniques. In which the work politicizes the reading of the way in which we, as humans, exert our attentions to selfhood. Visser’s use of comic pop-style aesthetics addresses current issues surrounding identity, media, and commodity regarding the DIY Self Help culture and increasing levels of anxiety. Alongside which Rebecca Thomson’s ‘How are you feeling?’, a giant fortune-telling fish references the human inclination to seek out reassurance and guidance from potentially unreliable sources: from a faith in horoscopes and fortunes to religious and daily rituals. The piece is an example of Thomson’s own desire to impart a poetic perspective on life through romanticising overlooked relics from everyday life into works of Fine Art.

7-8pm at 237 Hackney Road, London E2 8NA
with ‘This commercial break is brought to you by IndustrialMax Building Supplies’ by IndustrialMax Building Supplies
and ‘Marketing Ploys’ by Rosie Abbey (

IndustrialMax Building Supplies is a family business providing logistical solutions to your needs. We pride ourselves on efficiency, honesty and prices that no one can beat. Our aim is to make life easier for people with life on the go. With over 80 years of experience in the industry we are insured and focused on residential, commercial, industrial and service products. Our staff of licensed professionals are fully accredited in their respective fields and we strive to deliver the best customer service for you – our trusted clients. Two representatives of IndustrialMax Building Supplies will present a range of products and solutions at Art Licks Weekend. Alongside this Rosie Abbey has designed ‘Marketing Ploys’ an exercise for willing participants. According to a set of rules, and abiding by specific criteria, participants will transform an item into a ‘product’. Our advertisers will do whatever it takes to attract a buyer: forging relationships, combining fact and fiction, and adopting new roles. In a quest to sell the unsellable, we will attempt to translate the physical and sentimental qualities of the object into sequences of gesture and sound.


Joe Moss, Jack Evans, Megan Visser, Rebecca Thomson, IndustrialMax Building Supplies, Rosie Abbey


Georgia Stephenson

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Alexandra Estate

Alexandra Road, London, UK