Programme — Exhibition


Nuno Barroso


the icing room

493 Forest Road, London E17 5LD, UK


Thursday 4 October, 6–9pm, Friday 5 October, Saturday 6 October & Sunday 7 October, 12–6pm

Responding to the theme of Peripheries, the icing room considers how being on the edge – a mode that is both uncertain and at times precarious – might be reflected in the way we handle materials. How this precariousness attracts us to materials that can be pushed in some way to their edge. Perhaps this takes a form of shape shifting, where stone appears soft, or clay cracks under pressure; or maybe the attraction is towards materials that have been used, discarded, thrown out, to be reimagined in the studio.
As we handle these materials, our hands are reassured by something that is more solid than our circumstances. RUST explores how this relationship with material might allow us to accept our peripheral state.


Holly Graham, Hannah Rowan, Yoojin Lee, Nuno Barroso, Isobel Atacus, Isabelle Zhizhi Southwood


Alex McNamee

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Under 16s

the icing room

493 Forest Road, London E17 5LD, UK