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Sex and Other States

Sex and Other States


INGRESS @ South Kiosk

Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN, UK


Thursday 4 October, 6–9pm, Friday 5 October, Saturday 6 October & Sunday 7 October, 12–6pm

‘Sex and Other States’ is a group exhibition of painted, sculptural and film works which are developed from previous reading groups and conversations. Many of the themes within our work explore this in-between-state as content but what is just as important is the way we approach materials and making art, as a way to enter that state where rationality is suspended at times. The artwork becomes an embodiment of such an experience.

Because of the way we talk and share with each other, this has led us to talk about creations stories, afro-futurism and diaspora, the feeling of being an alien, and looking to history for guides through this – as a maternal guide or role model in order to feel connected to a place in the present. The freedom to move through time – drawing from ancient and natural history to imagine a future. The gap between history and future closes, time is flattened. Margaret Atwood talks about a connection between mythology and science-fiction – and how mythological stories are the originating ‘stems’ of thought for most science fiction, a strand running through history. These themes and stories create wormholes for us to travel through.

One of the starting points for the exhibition is the life and works of the anchoress Julian of Norwich, as a religious recluse, she chose to remove herself to the edges of society, choosing to look inward and imagine a connection to the evangelical so intense, she wrote about the raw feelings of physically inhabiting a godly body.

INGRESS Collective was created as artists we discovered via many conversations a shared interest in science/speculative fictions where many stories explore the ‘portal’ or the thin membrane between worlds, where one kind of reality can simultaneously exist alongside others. Through INGRESS  we discovered the talking is the doing, conversation, swapping references, ideas, and reading lists is the catalyst for all that (may) follow. This sharing and meeting can extend,swell, and expand and contract as the group moves along, we aim to include members in a fluid collective style. We want generosity of knowledge, food, hospitality, and resources. Through INGRESS we aim to create a long term relationships, using Norfolk as our base.

*Social hangout event with the artists; Saturday 6th October, all public welcome. 6pm- 9pm*


INGRESS: Karis Upton, Laura Bygrave, Nicky Deeley, Uma Breakdown, Alicia Rodriguez

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INGRESS @ South Kiosk

Copeland Road, London SE15 3SN, UK