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Square Meal

Marta Fernandez Canut


Rochester Square

1 Rochester Square, London NW1 9SD, UK


Saturday 6 October, 9am–11am

Five artists and friends from our studio will collaborate and feed you an unique and delicious breakfast where plates, tables, cups, jugs, food and drinks will all be all specially made.
Interactions between the guests and the utensils will inevitably result in performative, discursive, social, architectural, playful and aesthetic actions.

The Cast

Francesca Anfossi: plates
Gerald Mak: tables
Paulina Michinowska: cups
Anne Ryan: tumblers
Laura White jugs
Ello darling coffee

All together we will prepare and perform a unique and honest breakfast for our 25 guests each morning for 2 days, from 9-11am. Open to all, booking essential. Book here: (capacity 25 people per day).


Francesca Anfossi, Gerald Mak, Paulina Michinowska, Anne Ryan, Laura White, Ello darling


Francesca Anfossi

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Under 16s

Rochester Square

1 Rochester Square, London NW1 9SD, UK