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The World Tour

Gillies Adamson Semple


fivehundredthousand gallery

19 Goulton Road, London E5 8HA, UK


Saturday 6 October, 6pm–9pm

As a response to moving out of their Dalston location and being temporarily unhoused, fivehundredthousand gallery have negotiated a world tour. With hosts in 18 countries across Europe, USA, South America and Asia, they will show work in more locations than Larry Gagosian to become the largest gallery in the world. Each venue will curate a show of work posted to them from London, enabling artists to show abroad, while meeting and working with people from places that cannot be visited due to financial constraints.

For Art Licks Weekend, a send-off event, as if a maiden voyage, will take place, with work packed into a specially constructed shipping crate and picked up by our van driver to be taken away. It will act as a public event marking their attempt at establishing a global community, and an event of meeting for those attending.

‘The World Tour’ has been shortlisted by Artquest for the Workweek Prize 2018. Read more.


Eliot Z Felde, Harry Smithson, Gillies Adamson Semple

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fivehundredthousand gallery

19 Goulton Road, London E5 8HA, UK