Online Project: GIOTROP

For 2018, Art Licks has partnered with Assembly Point to bring an online project to the Art Licks Weekend festival website.

God is only on the periphery of religion: individuals themselves are its focal point. Individuals acknowledge a God beyond themselves only in order to possess a boundless space in which they can spread out and expand for all eternity their limited, particular, pitiable individuality.(1)

Assembly Point invites you to the online exhibition GIOTROP opening on Thursday 4 October to coincide with Art Licks Weekend 2018. This exhibition in the form of a compilation album will host art and artists whose work exists and revolves around the sound/musical and visual arts axes. The album will be accompanied by a visual response to the soundtrack.

Artists | Tracks:

1. Roxman Gatt | Polystyrene Sheets

2. Novi Young | Ephem

3. Ania aka Pel Bonheur 

4. Zoee feat. Ganx | Landscapes

5. Harry aka … 

6. Yem Gel | CobWeaver | Suite for Resurgent Microflora 

7. Valinia Svoronou | Lunar Belltower Hour/ Version II

8. Soft Anonymity | Harmonious Peace

9. HITF w/ BYAC UHDAY | Insulation (Mounting Layers)

The project will be live from Thursday 6pm to the end of the festival: VIEW HERE.

(1)Hammering Shield, Feuerbach: Love = Death = God, online article