This year sees the launch of the Art Licks Weekend radio station, run in partnership with TACO! and RTM. Content will be broadcast daily from arts practitioners nationwide: ranging from in-conversations, reading group discussions, experimental music and field recordings, alongside five artist commissions funded by Outset and Arts Council England. The radio will act as a forum for further conversation around the festival’s theme of Interdependence and the questions it prompts.

The five artist commissions for Art Licks Radio, funded by Outset, are by: Simon Bayliss, Lola Bunting, Andrew Gillespie, Holly Graham, Rosalie Schweiker.

Podcasts of the Art Licks Weekend 2019 Radio are available here.


18:00 – Our Bumbling Hands / Roshni Bhagotra: A live recording of a shared beat juggling performance over a soundscape of conversation, sound and music. The performers’ beat juggling skill levels range from basic to intermediate.

18:16 – Shifted by a Phase / Rosa Farber and CHROI: CHROI, a Galsgow-based vocal group, were recently asked to reflect on what happens to them when they are in a group scenario. Words and phrases from CHROI members have made their way into this track. ‘Besingen’ is a German word, translating roughly as ‘to sing of’ or ‘to sing about’.

18:20 – I expect nothing and yet still I am disappointed / Sam Blackwood and Luke Garthwaite: Sam and Luke’s work is an amalgamation of ideas drawn from experience and surroundings. Attempting to bring to life a sound piece which reflects the atmosphere of a region combined with an urge to create, unintentionally or otherwise.

18:34 – COPY AND PASTE SENTIMENTAL – enter the C.L.I.Tiverse / C.L.I.T:We are C.L.I.T. All we have is a ukulele, ourselves, Logic, a microphone and crushed up wasabi peas inside a toothbrush holder in the place of a maraca. C.L.I.T aka Colleen Lloyd Ian and Tina aka Annie Murrells and Izzy Nakhla. Artist credits: C.L.I.T, Dr Hook (cover of ‘When you’re in love with a beautiful women), In Garage mix acapellas’ used = Lauren Hill ‘That Thing’, Sean Paul ‘Like Glue’, The Temptations ‘Papa was a rolling stone’.

19:00 – Interdependence Mix / Simon Bayliss (an Art Licks and TACO! commission): All music and poetry written and produced by Simon Bayliss (a.k.a Swim on Bay Bliss) unless otherwise stated.

19:30 – Reboot / Rose Dagul, Penny Klein and Benji Jeffrey: Penny, Rose and Benji formed the WhatsApp group ‘Long Nose’ to see what would happen if they removed in-jokes from their communication. They turn to ‘Bits and Bobs’ to discuss the results. Rose Dagul, Penny Klein, Benji Jeffrey.

20:00 – We. Are. Cut. Up. / We. Are. Publication: We. Are. Cut. Up. emanates from the group’s recent manifesto and expands on central preoccupations around cut-up, fragmentation and modes of collective re-composition and re-assemblage. We Are Publication, Editors: Jenna Collins, Volker Eichelmann, John Hughes.

21:06 – Paddington / Felthammers: Live performance by Felthammers recorded for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019. Andrew Prior, Christopher P. Green, David Strang, Mark James.

21:13 – These Are Our Friends Too / Tse Tse Fly Middle East: A mix of the ‘These Are Our Friends Too’ album made especially for Art Licks Weekend.Negin Zomorodi, Ayan Ali, Kabung, Maryam Nazari, Muna Abdi-Hajj, Ola Saad, Riyaan Ali, Cherrelle, Cathy Lane, Rasha Farah, Wangu, Nilufar Habibian, Anam Ali, Parisa Shirvani, Mariam Fall, Nafisa, Kumah, Saria Khalifa, Angela, Polly Petrova, Anfal Ali, Emmanuel Kabanza, Imhotep, Nima Nuur, Nour Sokhon, Rashida Sanni, Iida Aino, Ikram Nur, Jacqueline George, Kaltun Duale, Stephanie Merchak, Foosiya Ahmed, Rhéa Dally, Siham Ahmed, Angela, Jilliene Sellner feat. the Brain Dead Ensemble, Fanta Kone, Hüma Utku, Rahman Duale, Dr Mariam Rezaei and Habon Duale. Mixed by Tse Tse Fly Middle East.

22:13 – Anthropology of Scouse House / Nicholas Smith: Music from the 4 main clubs (Quadrant Park, The State, Cream, 051) in Liverpool that provided the foundation for Scouse House.


12:00 – T.O.M (The Other Mountain) / Wu Pei Chi: Four people. Four disparate accounts on the intimate moments they shared with their objects.Edited and produced by Wu Pei Chi.

12:34 – On Sociality and Idiocy / Doggerland: Doggerland invites the writers from On Sociality & Idiocy, published in March 2019, to read from their texts in the book. Tom Prater & Sammy Playford (Doggerland). Skye Arundhati Thomas, Maria Blyth, Laura Harris, Tessa Norton, Rebecca O’Dwyer and Madeleine Stack.

13:34 – The Prehistory of Cultural Democracy / Sophie Hope and Owen Kelly: A look back at cultural democracy and the community arts movement in the UK and the founding ideas of socialism, collectivism and reciprocity.

14:01- A Team, B Team / Rosalie Schweiker (an Artlicks and TACO! commission): A messy podcast recorded behind the bar of Company Drinks during an art fair, including conversations with Laura Dee Milnes and Cam Jarvis plus bits of bar chat about “the superstructures that make it impossible for people at the lowest end to survive and at the top end to care.” In between, you can hear all the songs from Molejoy’s first LP ‘”I HATE IT BUT IT’S FREE”. Bonus content: A rosemary cordial recipe from Shaun Tuck and the chickens at Glengall Wharf Community Garden. Rosalie Schweiker, and Company Drinks, Laura and Molejoy.

15:14 – Heart of Darkness / Daniel Pasteiner: A recording of a walk along the Thames from Thamsemead to Erith with the novel Heart of Darkness as a theme. Dan Pasteiner, Daniel Lambert, Rob Sharp, Rohan Tesh, Julius Pasteiner, Ivan Lambert.

15:23 – Departures / Pleasure Principles (Monique Todd and Nadine Peters): Departures, created by Pleasure Principles, is an audio project exploring how a city changes after a relationship ends. Monique Todd & Nadine Peters.

16:03 – Talkie-Walkie-Walkie-Talkie / Artists from the Franco British Residency at Fructose: Aural traces of a Franco-British residency at Fructose, July 2019 Dunkirk, that mark the foundation stones of a new cross-border collaborative framework. Alfonse, Paul et les autres, Ruchi Anadkat, Jacob Bray, Martin Deknudt, David Droubaix, Aurelien Maillard, Fabien Marques, Elodie Merland, Claire Orme, Tomas Poblete, Melissa Ryke, Edward Sanders, Dan Scott, Nina Shen-Poblete, Holly Slingsby, Sara Trillo and Anaïs Vranešić.

16:17 – Trained on Veda / Laura Wilson: Trained on Veda is a malted loaf and evolving artwork by Laura Wilson connecting bakeries and galleries to explore the history of Veda bread. Laura Wilson and Martha Brown.

16:47 – The Sound we Inhabit / Ben McDonnell: a composition written using a graphic score to deliver the minimum structure necessary to support the musicians during its performance. Joel Bell, Hyelim Kim, Jo Lawrence, Ben McDonnell and George Sleightholme.

17:07 – If it is mine it is not me / A Voice Off Screen: An improvised reading of the psychiatrist R.D. Laing’s ‘Knots’, pieced together from remote recordings made in London, Dublin and Amsterdam by members of the reading group ‘A Voice Off Screen’. Henry Bradley, Ruzha Kazandjieva, Eleanor Mavis, Grace Phillips, Laurie Robins, Julia Schmitz and Florine Zegers.

17:23 – How Astra Worked Herself Into A Shoot / Chris Michael: The Space Raiders crisp packet coming to life — Astra & her model for a situated practice & its three core tenets; “The Otaku”, “Welfare Woes” & “The Colour Hollywood”. All music, narration and writing produced by Chris Michael. Guest narration Sarah McNab and a song by Koo-Chulu.

18:03 – The Sound of Engines when Birds take off / Lillian Nejatpour: this broadcast samples conflicting Eastern histories, failing to decode a space of authority and understanding through language. All composition and recordings by Lilian Nejatpour.

18:28 – Hodgkin no 2 / Felthammers: Live performance by Felthammers recorded for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019. Andrew Prior, Christopher P. Green, David Strang, Mark James.


12:00 – Two Queens Studio: Interdependence and Friendship / Two Queens: Two Queens studio holders and members respond to the Art Licks Weekend theme of ‘Interdependence’ by talking about how the organisation has facilitated friendship and reliance between artists. Daniel Sean Kelly, Anne Stansfield, Tim Neath, Jack Halford, Andrew Jones, Daniel Cowlam, Kerry Jackson, Leila Houston, Ashok Mistry, Kate Jackson, Gino Atwood, Austin Higgins, Johnny Green, Julie Kilminster, Lottie O Neil and Tony Walker. 

12:30 –  Listen: An exploration of collective and collaborative working / Sabrina Fuller: Nine women’s words and voices are collaged in an exploration of the joys, strengths, difficulties and complexities of collective and collaborative working. The words and voices of: Maddy Costa, Diana Damian Martin, Lily Evans-Hill, Sally Hobbs, Mary Paterson, Helena Reckitt, Irene Revell and Anne Tucker, edited and produced by Sabrina Fuller.

12:48 – Small Offering(s): Five women, who meet regularly, record free writes, share writing processes and collectively read a poem in the midst of Hackney Carnival, London 2019. Zara Miller, Evie Scarlett Ward, Tamsin Kavanagh, Bea Taylor, Jennifer Obidike.

13:08 – Reflections on Home / Jane Watt and Sara Heywood: A soundscape of voices and stories by artists Sara Heywood and Jane Watt, as part of a year- long residency on the Alton Estate, Roehampton, London.Sara Heywood & Jane Watt, commissioned by Artscape, Redrow and Wandsworth Council as part of Alton Estate Regeneration.

13:16 – RHISÔMA / Irruptive Chora: Recorded by taking an electronic sound system into Epping Forest, initiating a reciprocal conversation between human and non-human beings, the organic and the synthetic. Ania Mokrzycka (IRRUPTIVE CHORA), Agata Kik (IRRUPTIVE CHORA), Luce Irigaray, Timothy Morton, Astrida Neimanis, Sofia Jernberg. Epping Forest sounds including: birds, trees, dogs and horses humans and airplanes.

13:31 – Mezze Pizza / Lou-Atessa Marcellin and Susannah Haslam: Beholden, forbearance— Lou-Atessa Marcellin and Susannah Haslam call on friends to collage their continuing conversation on what it means, and how, to work together. Megha Ralapati, Anne Duffau, Keira Greene, Natasha Cox, Jamie Hudson, Isobel Mei, Rob Shuttleworth, Penny Klein, Anna Pigott, Jamie Allen, Louise Emily Carver, Lou-Atessa Marcellin, Theo Turpin, Susannah Haslam, And friends.

14:07 – Digest / Nicole Morris and Maria de Lima: The recorded conversations took place during a residency at Outpost in spring 2019, when Nicole Morris and Maria de Lima invited six artists to individually dine with them over a skype connection. Maria de Lima, Nicole Morris, Rae Yen Song, Hana Janeckova, Holly Graham, Sofie Alsbo, Hannah Leighton Boyce, Maria Farrar.

15:02 – Stir To Fully Incorporate / Holly Graham (an Art Licks and TACO! commission): Audio documentation of outcomes and threads of research generated on a residency with Southwark Park Galleries in Autumn 2019.Holly Graham; Frank Turner – Peek Freans Museum; Deborah Herring – Southwark Park Galleries; Elizabeth Morgan, Henry Mulhall, Leslie McCombie, Pauline Morritt, Pat Kingwell, Christina Piscina, Laura Dee Milnes, Michele Page-Jones, Annabel Stockman – Stir To Fully Incorporate workshop attendees; Holly Willats – Art Licks; Biruk Daniel, Hassan Gultamo, Tsedey Solomon, Vu Muih Van, D Tu Dau, Bosco Centre Staff Team – Bosco Centre.

15:48 – Exceptional Promise: Episode One – Interdependence / Kelly Lloyd: Kelly Lloyd interviews artists and organizers :pillow and Nick Tudor about interdependence and how they make their life work. Kelly Lloyd, Nick Tudor, :pillow (Giulia Ratti & Alessandro Moroni).

16:34 – Three Sisters / Frances Whorral-Campbell: journeys through ‘threeness’ and tripling, marking this number’s appearances in history, folklore, science and psychoanalysis, and exploring the complicated presence of the third in a world of binaries and couples.

16:45- The Gatekeepers of Italian Libraries / Pietro Bardini: A show on Italian library music and the role that blogs played in its resurgence. Farlocco – Superpotenza, Mario Fioretti e la sua orchestra – Occhi di Luna, Egisto Macchi – Lamento, Paolo Ferrara – Alchimia, Gerardo Iacoucci – Contemporary, Arnaldo Graziosi e il Complesso Strumentale I Panamera – Varie Intervalli, Tony Iglio – Soft Cream, Nino Rapicavoli – Divagazioni, Luis Bacalov – Pinha Tamburim, Antonio Riccardo Luciani – Suoni Di Una Festa, Armando Trovajoli – Love Is a Woman, I Pulsar – Walking At Sunrise, Armando Sciascia – Suoni Di Coreografia, Bruno Battista D’Amario – Omaggio a Villa Lobos, Stelvio Cipriani – Maquillage, I Pulsar – Leyla Theme, Paolo Ferrara – Nelle Favole.

17:28 – Unearthings 0.1 / Aymie Backler and Richard Forbes Hamilton: Two people with dictaphones in Morocco – walking, listening, observing… individually. 1 audio mix, edited, produced, refined… collaboratively.

18:00 – Thamesmead: Nostalgic for a Future That Never Was / James Lander: An artist’s research journey through specialist libraries and public archives, weaving together a first hand account of living and working in Thamesmead since June 2018. Written by James Lander, narrated by Binsey.

18:14 – Acousto / Felthammers: Live performance by Felthammers recorded for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019. Andrew Prior, Christopher P. Green, David Strang, Mark James.


12:00A Quiet Position – Species / Jez riley French: Our sonic relationships with other species, collective territories and interdependence. Jez riley French, Jana Winderen, Alice Eldridge, Pheobe riley Law, Chris Watson, Saša Spačal & Lina Enqvist. Curated and compiled by Jez riley French.

13:00Tell2066 / Phillip Speakman: A storytelling session from a time of scarcity of information, resources and certainties, and an attempt at forging new relations and kinships. Hosted by Gonçalo Lamas and Andrew Wyatt, including a reading from Pond (2015) by Claire-Louise Bennett. With stories told by Viana Gaudino, Caterina Avateneo, and Helle Tviberg reading from The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986) by Ursula K. Le Guin. Music by Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton. Directed and produced by Philip Speakman.

13:30 – The Cursory Remix -Misadventures of Google Translate / Michal Kamil Piotrowski and Stephen Mooney: The Cursory Remix’ is an experimental poetry book that takes the reader on a translating adventure and describes the misadventures of Google Translate. Michał Kamil Piotrowski, Stephen Mooney.

13:42Here! Your Golden Scarab / Mia Thom: An audio compilation of an archive, collated over a month, of 30 artists contributing vocal accounts on synchronicity, manifested dreams, visions and other inexplicable happenings. Cathy Abrahams, Katherine Bull, Mira Calix, Hanien Conradie, Vanessa Cowling, Jessica Doré, Coila-Leah Enderstein, Lance Herman, Georgia Kruger, Michaela Limberis, Virginia MacKenny, Io Makandal, Nomusa Makhubu, Khanya Mashabela, Sukuma Mkhize, Nobukho Nqaba, Sean O’Toole, Carolyn Parton, Gabrielle Raaf, Chloë Reid, Amy Rusch, Matt Slater, Katherine Spindler, Cara Stacey, Anna Stielau, Sitaara Stodel, Mia Thom, Jasmin Valcarcel, James Webb, Michaela Younge. Piano extracts:
1) Chopin Nocturne no 19. in E minor, op. 72 no.1 Pianist: Estelle Roux
Sound engineer: Mia Thom
2) Ligeti Étude No. 10 ‘Der Zauberlehrling’ Artist and Pianist: Coila-Leah Enderstein Sound Engineer: Coila-Leah Enderstein
Studio recordings conducted by Sound Engineer, Dave Langemann and artist Mia Thom
Extra “echo” voices: Denise Onen, Mia Thom, Katherine Spindler

14:07Madrigal Cycle / Jonah Falco: A superficial analysis of the score of Carlo Gesualdo’s Languisco e Moro in which singular motion, contrary motion, or oblique motion has been interpreted, and then transcribed graphically. Performers rely on each other to create dissonance, consonance, dynamics, motion, and rest. Jonah Falco (composer, performer), Dallas Good, Dale Nixon.

14:11Gathering Rage on the Bridge of Tears / Michaela Cullen: A new fictional story written by the artist, follows the psychotomimetic trip of an unidentified character through a turbulent, violent, emotionally exhaustive metaphysical odyssey, weaving through time and interplanetary landscapes.replica watches

14:32Una’s Voice / Rosa-Johan Uddoh: In collaboration with The Bower, four brown girls meet near the house where iconic radio producer Una Marson once lived, and listen for her voice. Bolanle Tajudeen, Jasmine Uddoh and Rosa-Johan Uddoh, with support from Star Tajudeen.

15:09Mo Chairde / Frank Wasser: What does it mean to identify as an Irish artist within a contemporary British context and how is that national identity performed, mediated or co-opted through forms of solidarity, groups, communities and institutions? Here a selection of Irish artists reflect on first moving to London. Curated and edited by Frank Wasser featuring Oisin Byrne, Alice Rekab, Megan Nolan, Sam Keogh, Chris Timms and Frank Wasser.

15:52Cypher Billboard / The Skelf Podcast: Mark Beldan speaks about Cypher BILLBOARD with co-founders Holly Graham, Erin Hughes, and Amba Sayal-Bennett in a podcast originally developed for online project space Skelf. Mark Beldan, Holly Graham, Erin Hughes, Amba Sayal-Bennett.

16:27Art and Labour The Game Show / Matthew Stock and the Modern Language Experiment: This broadcast challenges two teams to imagine a world post art and labour, working collectively, how will they live in this newly formed arena. Matthew Stock (host), Keh Ng (Host), Gordon Shrigley, Imogen O’Rorke, Charlotte Warne Thomas, Liane Lang, Paul O’Kane, Mikey Weinkove and Ben Street (as the adjudicator).

17:01Paddington / Felthammers: Live performance by Felthammers recorded for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019. Andrew Prior, Christopher P. Green, David Strang, Mark James.Replica

17:07Nancy Inspector / Rachel Povey: A fictional police investigation set in a house where either acts of vandalism or art have occurred. Caroline Carver, Stacey Gough, Milo Povey, Georgie Paulus-Nield and musician Circe.

17:20The Views Show / Marcus Orlandi: An interview with world renowned “artist” Martin O’Lando who talks to us about how he makes his ghastly artwork.

17:57Clock Tower / Corelli Hotel: A group of six people attempt to enact a digital clock face for an unknown audience over the course of a day. Written by Malcolm Bradley, read by Peter Glasgow, produced by Corelli Hotel.

18:05Feeling BLOB / Ross Taylor: Feeling BLOB, traces the vision of a studio as it moves around the minds of a circle of artist friends. Laura Bygrave, Phil Ewe, James Ferris, Martin Fletcher, Sara Gillies, Richard Rigg, Ross Taylor, Madalina Zaharia.

18:25In the Round / Laura Eldret and Colin Perry: A broadcast exploring the co-dependency between pigs, cicadas, ponies, cows and commoners of the New Forest, and its metaphorical potential for art and society.

18:30Exquisite Corpse / Dominic Till and Ben McDonnell: Exquisite Corpse brings together ten artists who have used the surrealist game from which the title derives to form a plural body of work. Dominic Till, Joel Bell, Holly Drewett, Tamara and Yoshi Kametani, Emma-Kate Matthews, Joshua Leon, Monica Rivas Velasquez, Ben McDonnell. Curated by: Dominic Till & Ben McDonnell.replica rolex

18:58Working Podclasst – Benji Jeffrey and Laura Dee Milnes: Working Podclasst is a conversation by and for people who identify as Working Class and who exist, somehow, in this magical kingdom we call “The Art World”. Hosted by artists and art-workers Benji Jeffrey and Laura Dee Milnes, each episode will revolve around a topic relating to this theme. This first episode is an introduction to the series which touches on (among other things) socio-economic status and steakhouse grills. Expect Northern lilts and plenty of chips on shoulders (with gravy). Benji Jeffrey and Laura Dee Milnes.

19:39Super Marching Sweep / Felthammers: Live performance by Felthammers recorded for Art Licks Weekend Radio 2019. Andrew Prior, Christopher P. Green, David Strang, Mark James.