Against Doom Too

Five Years @ Unit 2B1

Boothby Rd, London N19 4AJ, UK

Thursday 6-9, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 1-6

No War but the Class War, Macon Reed, 2019 and Some Weather, Mia Taylor, 2019

Against Doom Too was created as an extension of artist Macon Reed (US) and Mia Taylor’s (UK) friendship and shared dialogue on the interrelated histories and present-day political and ecological shifts between their two countries. The exhibition will be the culmination of a series of call-and-response style propositions between Reed and Taylor, with each artist proposing objects and scenarios from potential future human civilizations – both utopic and dystopic in nature. Against Doom Too incorporates painting, text, sculpture, and photography to connect and expand upon what change may be available to us when activated through collective imagination.

Reed’s practice is an attempt to push back against prevailing cultural trends of harm and despondency – creating sculptural environments which expand our capacity for collective re-envisioning, story-telling, conversation, and catharsis. Taylor’s recent work combines narrative and field-based writing, drawing on scientific research (from astronautics, oceanography, geology) to interweave factual data with experience and fiction, as a means to explore concepts of geographical, temporal and emotional distance. Both artists understand the imagination as an emotive, theoretical, and corporeal realm of transformation that needs our protection.

Reed’s recent work has connected the historic enclosures of the “commons” that pushed people into early capitalism and the idea of the collective imagination as today’s version of a threatened commons. Taylor’s work explores the communication of trans-disciplinary narratives and how the slipperiness of language can be used to examine current climates of uncertainty and disorientation, particularly in relation to environmental change. Bringing these two artist’s dynamic practices into direct conversation, Against Doom Too advocates for the unlimited potential of the collective imaginary and poetic potential for re-thinking how we respond and adapt to the huge challenges facing human beings.


Macon Reed, Mia Taylor

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Five Years @ Unit 2B1

Boothby Rd, London N19 4AJ, UK