Exceptional Promise: Performative Lecture

Dirty House

95 Haymerle Road, London SE15 6SD, UK

Friday 18 October, 7pm–7.30pm

‘Through writing a series of one to three page “proposal papers,” or proposals for papers that need not actually develop for the purposes of this project, I meant to investigate the passing thoughts that fill my head everyday that I choose to ignore as valid forms of inquiry. Most of these paper topics couldn’t sustain a longer investigation, but in this format I didn’t feel self conscious about this fact. The “proposal paper” allowed me to suspend the judgment that often prematurely terminates my projects so that I could actually take these ideas further.  I embarked on this project curious to see if the “proposal paper” would allow me to mimic the series of dead ends and almosts that often constitute my process of creating objects.’ – Kelly Lloyd


Kelly Lloyd


Nick Tudor

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Under 16s

Dirty House

95 Haymerle Road, London SE15 6SD, UK