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Thursday 17 October – Sunday 20 October, 6pm–6pm

#Dial001 by Hamja Ahsan, Design by Ryan Sargent

For his new work, ‘#Dial001’, Hamja Ahsan (b.1981) responds directly to the ‘private view’ and its relationship with introversion during the busy, social format of the Art Licks Weekend. In his book ‘Shy Radicals: The Anti-Systemic Politics of the Militant Introvert’ (Book Works, 2017), Ahsan sheds light on Dial 0-0-1, an emergency introvert hotline, giving service to those that need to escape overstimulating, loud and anxiety-inducing scenarios. He extends on this for ‘#Dial001’, by producing designated spaces of refuge from Art Licks Weekend private views and portable resources in various London locations.
This work is made in collaboration with designer, Ryan Sargent and produced by Bloc Projects and Shipment.

Hamja Ahsan (b.1981) is an artist, curator and activist based in London. He is the Free Talha Ahsan campaign organiser. He has presented art projects at Tate Modern, Gwangju Biennale, Shaanakht festival Pakistan and Shlipa Academy, Bangladesh. He co-founded DIY Cultures Festival in 2013.


Hamja Ahsan


Bloc Projects, Shipment

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