Future’s Landing

Picnic @ All About Laptops

140 Rye Lane, London SE15 4RZ, UK

Thursday 17 October, 6pm–7pm, Friday 18 October, 6pm–7pm, Saturday 19 October, 6pm–7pm

Batty & Me, Spain 2019. Photo courtesy of Katrin Hanusch & Stephanie de Leng

Picnic is delighted to present a newly developed intervention by Katrin Hanusch. Future’s Landing invites audiences to walk alongside performers to reflect on our culture of waste. Dressed in ‘wearable sculptures’ made from defunct LED laptop screens, the performers will present a possible future scene in our streets, where all natural material is gone and all we have left to wear are the dregs of our past production and overconsumption.

The performers will complete everyday tasks, using the bank, buying food, getting their nails done, and will interact with the public. Over three different days, and three different interventions, the public is invited to mingle with this possible futuristic scene situated between Rye Lane and Katrin’s studio in New Cross Gate. 


The intervention will start at All About Laptops (140 Rye Lane, SE15 4RZ) and will have several stops on Rye Lane — involving shops, cafes and other businesses: Jaffa Food Store, The Makeover Hair Nail Beauty Salon, Kahn Masters Hairdressing/Barber, Barclay Bank, Cafe Spice, Khan’s Bargain, Snappy Snap Photo, PCT Salon Beauty Nails, fruit and veg stalls, Peckham Hair and Cosmetic, beside others.

Download a map of the performance route for each day here.


Thursday 17 October 2019, starts 6pm, duration approximately 1 hour+
Friday 18 October 2019, starts 6pm, duration approximately 1 hour+
Saturday 19 October 2019, starts 6pm, duration approximately 1 hour+

About the artist

Katrin Hanusch is a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, print and drawing, with a deep and ongoing conversation with materials and processes. Motifs taken from the everyday engage with the human condition in a series of critical investigations bringing together poetics, humour and spirituality. Her often site-responsive works oscillate around ideas of touch, absence and the long-term impact of our doings. Inspired by her most recent commission The Romance and following on from her relationship that developed with All About Laptops and shop neighbours on Rye Lane, Katrin is excited to continue experimenting with modified LED screens in an intervention taking place in the public realm of Rye Lane. Katrin Hanusch lives and works in London, UK.


Alice McCabe, Meena Chodha, Chloe Cooper, Katrin Hanusch


Alice Bonnot, Dan Curtis

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Under 16s

Picnic @ All About Laptops

140 Rye Lane, London SE15 4RZ, UK