Instant Karma

Wright & Vandame @ SET Lewisham

London SE13 7RZ, UK

Thursday 17 October, 6–9pm, Friday 18 October, Saturday 19 October & Sunday 20 October, 12–6pm

Instand Karma, Wright&Vandame, 2019

For one weekend only, Wright & Vandame present a new participatory installation, Instant Karma. Made especially for Art Licks Weekend 2019, visitors are invited to take part in a weekend-long happening taking the form of a table tennis tournament with ping pong balls custom-made by invited artists and friends:

Chris Alton
Cibelle Cavalli Bastos
Beatriz Creel
Kira Freije
Fiona Grady
Melloney Harvey
Amy Leung
Fani Parali
Harriet Parry
Eleanor Pearch
Jesse Pollock
Jemima Thomas
Demelza Watts
Alex Williamson
Wright & Vandame

With more artists to be announced!

In the spirit of the artists practice, Instant Karma takes the form of a temporal space activated by audience participation. Inspired by pop culture and the iconic song by John Lennon, the artists were interested in questioning ideas of luck and fate, cause and consequence within the context of a table tennis tournament. As a site of play and exchange, the artists have invited friends and fellow artists to create custom ping pong balls, which can be used for the tournament and can seen on display throughout the installation.

The artists will co-host a live tournament followed by beer pong on the opening night on Thursday 17th October 6 – 9pm. Free.


Chris Alton, Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, Beatriz Creel, Kira Freije, Fiona Grady, Melloney Harvey, Amy Leung, Fani Parali, Harriet Parry, Eleanor Pearch, Jesse Pollock, Jemima Thomas, Demelza Watts, Alex Williamson, Wright & Vandame


Roland Fischer-Vousden

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Wright & Vandame @ SET Lewisham

London SE13 7RZ, UK