Practicing Concern: group reading and discussion


Saturday 19 October, 2pm–4pm

For Practicing Concern, Underpinning has invited contributions from artists, writers and art workers who are connected through a web of support. Within the context of the exhibition this event will give attention to networks of in-kind support that extend beyond the professional veneer of an individual art practice. The invited practitioners will share works, gestures and instructions which lead participants to reflect on the ways that their own networks maintain and nurture their practice. 


Responding to this years iteration of the Art Licks Weekend, the group are particularly eager to build a conversation that considers how in-kind models of exchange operate alongside funded programmes and institutions. Participants at the event will read selected contributions together, and then be invited to share their challenges of working in this way. The event will strive to pose sustainable working practices and alternative models of exchange. 


This event is particularly suited to practitioners working in any art form, but everyone is welcome to join. Please wear comfortable clothes.


Spaces are limited so to attend please email: kirstyrussell.uk@gmail.com


Underpinning invites artists to share their practice through workshops, events and exhibitions. The project currently operates from a domestic space in Aberdeen.

Instagram: @underpinning_


Jessica Barrie, Laura Hindmarsh, Gabriella Hirst, Claire Krouzecky, Amy Pickles, Kirsty Russell, Jenny Salmean



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Under 16s