Process: conversation, publication, print

Good Studio @ BGJ Bussey Building Studio

133 Rye Ln, Peckham, London SE15 4ST, UK

Thursday 6-9pm, Saturday 1-4pm & 5-7pm, Sunday 12-6pm

Process: conversation, publication, print (We get by)

Good Studio is an artist-run risograph printers and small publishing press that works with artists, galleries and community groups. Set up with the intention of promoting conversation and exchange through the publishing process it is a place to learn, experiment, publicise and document.
For Art Licks Weekend we present A Symbiotic Association
An exhibition, event and publication that explores the interdependent relationship between artistic and ecological collaborations, networks and place. Generated between three south London sites: Occupation Studios, Good Studio/Bussey Building and Benhill Road Nature Garden. The project will engage with an underused piece of public land and those who care for it through sculpture, writing and conversation. A Symbiotic Association will tap into local lore through storytelling and exchange and draw attention to a rare patch of common space – invoking the genius loci or spirit of place.
Alison Gill’s other worldly sculptures will be installed at both the Bussey Building and Benhill Road Nature Garden, bringing to the surface what may be beneath our feet. Throughout the project the studio will be open, producing a collaborative Risograph publication which will map the dialogues, speculations and discussion that takes place. Over the course of the Art Licks Weekend we invite visitors to add to this exchange, by contributing to a section of the publication that will be printed on the final day. There will also be an exhibition of material produced in conversation with Joanna Brinton & Bridgette Ashton.
On Saturday, join Good Studio for their event at Benhill Road Nature Garden, meeting under Joanna Brinton’s Banner, repurposed as a shelter, to view Alison Gill’s sculptures. There will be an artists’ talk and discussion with local volunteers, experts and writer Will McGuire, readings and a short tour of the site leaving plenty of time for exploration and conversations to germinate. The talk will begin at 2.15. Read more.


Joanna Brinton, Bridgette Ashton, Alison Gill


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Good Studio @ BGJ Bussey Building Studio

133 Rye Ln, Peckham, London SE15 4ST, UK