EG-1 Project Space

Bow Arts Trust, Bow Road, London E3 2SJ, UK

Friday 18 October, 6pm–9pm, Saturday 19 October, 1pm–4pm, Saturday 19 October, 5pm–7pm

  1. RE:FORM is an event held over two days at a shared studio space that explores the joys and challenges of co-existing within the competitive society of efficiency and productivity. The studio will be divided into two areas:

1) a play area for making with basic art materials

2) an idle space for tea and snacks, reflection and conversations.


Open to artists and the public, participants will be invited to spend time in these areas for as long as they wish. 

In the active area, participants will choose from a deck of cards with suggested actions that prompt participants to interact in the space and also incite moments of collaboration, improvisation, destruction or conflict. Participants follow these prompts in any way they choose and change cards whenever they like. The goal is to share space, explore how we define what is mine and yours, examine different ways of communicating, create and destroy in order to build up an ever-evolving joint installation through a kind of communal play.

The four artists will be facilitating in both spaces. The play area will be limited to grownups, but children are welcome in the idle area and watch their parents play (after all they are the experts in negotiating communal play.) 

The artists are interested in the physical exchange of ideas and skills, but also the social side of play: how to negotiate and resolve differences of opinions along the way and allowing space to develop individual vision.

The event will end with a reflection and sharing session with invited artists with varied experiences in working collectively to share their practices. The artists will also reflect on the day and discuss the benefits and difficulties of co-existing (within an art context), the role of collective play in developing skills and expanding individual’s creative practices.

Event times:

Friday 18 October, 6-9pm (Play)

Saturday 19 October, 1-4pm (Play)

Saturday 19 October, 5-7pm (Reflecting and sharing session with invited guests)


Bettina Fung, Karen LeRoy Harris, Gloria Sulli, Johanna Bolton

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Under 16s

EG-1 Project Space

Bow Arts Trust, Bow Road, London E3 2SJ, UK