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Thamesmead Texas @ TACO!

30 Poplar Place, London SE28 8BA, UK

Friday 18 October, 6pm–9pm

Greater London Council Department of Architecture and Civic Design

Thamesmead Texas is a nomadic artist run initiative based in Thamesmead, South-East London. Originally operating from a living room, the collective was set up to bring together the new community of Bow Arts Trust artists, who moved to Thamesmead in 2018. Anchored by an art bar, the group is led by the necessity to be social and organise public exhibitions and events.

Thamesmead Texas’ latest strand of artistic activity continues to explore the theme of interdependency, between housing developer, studio provider and artists based in Thamesmead, in a bid to ‘culturally regenerate’ new towns in outer London. For the Art Licks Weekend, Thamesmead Texas will launch their first publication at TACO! with a series of related events, including screenings and walks, around the theme of cultural regeneration, in the context of Thamesmead. This publication will act as a record of Thamesmead Texas: a series of speed exhibitions that took place from a private living room in 2018, by artists based in Thamesmead, as part of Bow Arts Trust Thamesmead scheme. Content from other artists will also be included who are within the artist community, marking their impressions of life in this unique outer London town.

Thamesmead Texas also presents its fourth series of exhibitions, at the (nearby) iconic Lakeside Centre. A collaboration between artist James Lander and architectural designer Stephane Chadwick, engages directly with the built environment and residential community at Thamesmead. Historical records, selected from Lander’s research at archives in Greater London, are brought into question when shown alongside findings from fieldwork. What is to be done when the lived experience of residents falls short of successive architects’ plans and aspirations?

Come join Thamesmead Texas for a drink in the oasis, and launch of their new programme and publication at TACO!



Joseph Griffiths, S.P.A.R with Brian Guest, Almudena Romero, Liam Scully, Dominika Kieruzel, Miyuki Kasahara, Vanessa Scully, Jackson Payne, With James Lander, Linda Persson, Liam Sprod, Emily Crookshank,Natasha Bird.


Thamesmead Texas

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Thamesmead Texas @ TACO!

30 Poplar Place, London SE28 8BA, UK