The Feeling’s Mutual

The Rectory Projects

London E14 0EY, UK

Thursday 17 October, 6–9pm, Friday 18 October, Saturday 19 October & Sunday 20 October, 12–6pm

Archive image, 1990

The title, ‘The Feeling’s Mutual’ comes from the class of symbiosis termed ‘mutualism’, in which both organisms benefit from their natural partnership. The Rectory Projects have benefited from the engagement of young artists and artist-run spaces, and have in turn been able to give them opportunities to network, critically engage and develop their practices. Groups such as Platform Southwark, Kingsgate Project Space, Rochester Square and Pipeline (now discontinued), have become friends and collaborators. The Rectory Projects will invite previous exhibitors as well as the wider network that The Rectory Projects has established. Sculptures (in an expanded sense) will be shown around the garden wilderness. It is a joyful return, a chance to be together again. 

There will be food from the wonderful Loren Filis, umbrellas for rain, a bonfire for warmth and plenty of fun and merriment.


Mark Morgan Dunstan, Jack Prendergast, Gabriele Carucci, Louise Hildreth, Maria Positano, Carla Lavin, Anne Ryan, Elizabeth Rose Langford, Anya Kashina, Tom Sewell, James Randell, Elly Thomas, James Tabbush, Ed Haslam, Sophie Mason, Byzantia Harlow, Samuele Sinibaldi, Emma Sheehy, Charlotte Osborne, Angus Mccrum, Tom Parkhouse, Sean Rohr, Andy Kincaid, Bislacchi


James Randell, Emma Sheehy, Louise Hildreth, Samuele Sinibaldi, Angus McCrum

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The Rectory Projects

London E14 0EY, UK