Coop @ The Gordon House

Stradbroke Road, London N5 2PZ, UK

Thursday 17 October, 6.30pm–8pm, Friday 18 October, 12pm–6pm, Saturday 19 October, 12pm–6pm, Sunday 20 October, 12pm–6pm

Building it Up, Coop 2019

What forces sustain collaboration?

How are particpants formed by the process?

Responding to current social and economic divisions, Coop make collaboration their process and subject. Coop’s commitment to seeing through disagreements forms the collective. Seeking to think and make together, without destroying one another’s contributions, Coop’s exchanges, from supportive to highly challenging, frame difference as a dynamic force in communicating complex ideas.

“UpSet” is a 30 minute performance, in which Coop construct, use, and break up a temporary performance structure. Images referring to a travelling circus, with its communal risks, indicate their physical and emotional dependence upon one another. Projecting sound and shadowy gesture, with images of divested control, onto drawing and live action, Coop create a precariously living structure which we also bring to its end.

Each performance, the cycle of construction and dissolution develops differently, raising attendant thoughts and feelings about creativity,  beginnings, and endings.

Doors will open 30 minutes before each performance, there will be drawings, other works (including digital video), and time to meet the artists, for context. After each performance, there will be 30 minutes where participants can take refreshments and discuss any thoughts arising both with the artists and with one another.

The schedule for each day is as follows:

Thursday 17th Oct, performance at 6.30pm

Friday to Sunday, performances at 12.30pm, 3pm and 5pm


Andrew James, Clio Lloyd-Jacob

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Under 16s

Coop @ The Gordon House

Stradbroke Road, London N5 2PZ, UK