The Wagon

Caraboo @ Standpoint

45 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD, UK

Thursday 17 October, 6–9pm, Friday 18 October, Saturday 19 October & Sunday 20 October, 12–6pm

'Crisis Management with Caraboo' - John O Hare

Caraboo is an artist-led project and studios based in Bedminster, Bristol. The exhibition will present new works by Caraboo members and studio holders developed in an ongoing series of skill share evenings, when a different studio member hosts an informal session focusing on a specialism or technique. These evenings have included ceramic hand-building basics, Japanese woodblock printing, kinetic objects, paper weaving and watercolours.

The exhibition aims to showcase the diversity of the Caraboo collective who will produce work that is outside of their regular practice and use new techniques for the first time, i.e. artists that work primarily with 2D imagery creating ceramics, artists working primarily with sculpture producing a film. Caraboo hope that this exhibition will push artists to work outside of their boundaries and to create conversations between the artist sharing their knowledge and the artist learning and using it. It’s an opportunity to show how artists respond to new mediums in often raw and unexpected ways, which could lead to collaborative or cross-disciplinary interaction.


Savinder Bual, Elena Blanco, Adam Hedley, Jack Friswell, Phil Root, Sally Coulden, John O'Hare, Rowan Shaw, Felicia Cleveland-Stevens, Mary Roberts-Holmes, Henry Pope, Jessica Ackerman, Robert Ive, Chris Owen, Polly Maxwell, Katy Day, Jenny Male


Jack Friswell, Phil Root, Savinder Bual

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Caraboo @ Standpoint

45 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD, UK