We’re going to the Chapel


Thursday 17 October, 6–9pm, Friday 18 October, Saturday 19 October & Sunday 20 October, 12–6pm

A performance in the chapel, Spike Island Open Studios, 2019

We’re going to the Chapel is an interactive installation that takes the form of a bandstand. It takes inspiration from public bandstands, wedding chapels and Bengali wedding kunjoh’s. Whilst such structures become more and more neglected within parks and on seafronts, Anika Deb and Olivia Parr reimagine other possibilities of what they could become. They are particularly focusing on the fact that bandstands provide a space for public performance and music as well as a place for people to come together and share a moment.

Using DIY and craft methods Anika and Olivia are constructing a bandstand that allows for audiences to participate and make music or performances within the space. They will provide musical instruments and also advocate for audiences to connect with each other to make impromptu performances. They will also be inviting their own friends to come and perform during the weekend, which will be part of a scheduled programme of events in between the audience interactions. The aim is that there will be a constant flux of happenings within the space where people will be in and out, performing for themselves to other audience members and together. The appearance of the bandstand will evolve over the weekend as Anika and Olivia share their DIY methods through open workshops and allow further ornamentation and decorations to be added to the stand.


Anika Deb, Olivia Parr


Test Space: Julian Claxton, Helen Grant, Mark Samsworth

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Under 16s