This new issue of Art Licks magazine responds to the title of Interdependence. Coinciding with the Art Licks Weekend, both the festival and magazine explore ideas of artist community, support, reciprocity, and networks.

Art Licks Issue 24 invited a selection of artists participating in the 61 festival projects to develop their work and ideas for print and give further opportunity for discussion around Interdependence. Rather than acting as a festival guide, their contributions to the magazine give further insight to their broader practices.

Contributing artists and writers
Rosie Abbey, Holly Argent, Joanna Brinton, JJ Chan, Nina Davies, Mark Essen, Jack Friswell, Rose Gibbs, Sarah Howe, Jennifer Ipekel, Merve Iseri, Campbell Mcconnell, Mariona Otero, Sean Pearce, Eda Sarman, Georgia Stephenson, Carla Wright, Holly Willats

Editor, Holly Willats; Design, Margherita Huntley; Copy Editor, Max Alletzhauser; Printed by The Pale Green Press

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